Monday, March 15, 2010

DevExpress XtraGrid anonymous column

Well I found myself needing to bind a DevExpress XtraGrid to a generic List of strings. I found their ListBox to be rather limited and figured a one-column grid massaged the right way would serve quite well as a faux ListBox.

On my first attempt, I bound the list directly to the grid and found that the text did not wrap. That I could fix by setting the ColumnEdit to a MemoEdit and setting the Options.View.AutoHeight property to True. There was only one catch. At design time, I did not know what FieldName I should use in order to bind to the values in the List. If I were binding to a List of Users, I would specify a FieldName such as UserName or EmailAddress and it would bind just fine. What FieldName do you bind to when you just want to bind to a List of strings? "Column". Yes, just "Column".

I discovered this arbitrary value by getting the FieldName from the column at runtime when binding directly to the grid with no columns specified at design time. Hope this helps someone.

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